Saturday, 26 November 2011


 It' been quite some time since I have been away from my blog but today, I believe I had a reason to pen my thoughts over again. A reason that completes 3 years since it transpired. The memories of what Mumbai met with 3 years back, on the very same night has still not taken a bend from the ballistic minds of people whose hearts are burning with revenge and anguish towards the perpetrators of the blasts. The night when the country had witnessed one of the worst terror attacks. Ajmal Amir Kasab, the Pakistani gunman who unleashed horror in the Mumbai city along with his nine associates , is still bleeding state coffers three years after he killed more than 100 people that night.

                     Ajmal being the lone terrorist to be captured, 3 years after he accomplished his mission of what he thought would pave his way to "Jihad", I must say he was true in all sense considering his fate till this moment since the attacks happened. Today, he is India's most high-profile prisoner with government of Maharashtra having already spent over 16 Crores on him. This includes the state home department having spent crores on his accommodation which necessitated building a special cell and deployment of special forces from Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) apart from expenses on his food, safety and medical treatments. It should also be noted that the expenditure doesn't include the fees paid to the special public prosecutor and his team. And it's reported that the state government is taking a stock of the huge money spent on this Pakistani national in the wake of the third anniversary of the 26/11 attacks.

                             Even the President of India would not be having so much of value and aegis for her life. When the Supreme court of India had suspended the death sentence of Ajmal, saying that it would like to hear his plea challenging his capital punishment at length as the "due process of law" has to be followed, the temple of justice failed to uphold the pain and affliction of many innocent lives who are still struggling to come out of the bloodcurdling memories of that night. Ajmal Kasab deserves nothing short of a capital punishment and he is least worthy of being given a chance to plea. The fact that the supreme court failed to consider the social jurisprudence while deciding the fate of this anti social radical is completely baffling. What message are we giving away to the youth by refraining to punish people like Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru?

                            "Why is Kasab still alive? Why has he still not been hanged?" These are questions Arjun Kamte, 11, often asks his mother. Arjun's father Ashok Kamte, additional commissioner of police, Mumbai East, was gunned down by terrorists near Cama Hospital on November 26, 2008. Three years on, the wife of the slain officer has no answers to questions that have been debated time and again since the carnage wreaked havoc in Mumbai. All she can do is try to handle the situation with tact.

Candle light processions, statues of martyrs, promises of economic rehabilitation of the martyrs’ families and celebrating the anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks are not the proper salute to the martyrs in the true sense. India must seek motivation from nations who have managed to come of such catastrophes before. Citing the American Government's activities post 9/11 attack, our government must endeavour to make sure that they provide the best of security to their countrymen. To me, how Ajmal’s fate has shaped up since the horrific terror attacks is a baffling paradox and I pray that this doesn’t happen again.

My heart goes out to the victims of 26/11/08 Mumbai terrorist attacks.


  1. This is a big question that Why he is still alive?

  2. @Anuj : Many implicit reasons like vote bank for government, communal political mileage, inadvertent nature of the government towards such social issues and so on.....!!!

  3. @mithun...
    he is going to be d next Prime Minister of india!
    Nyway humari country ko gangsters aur murderers hi chala rahe hai...
    Kasab has d best CV for such a scenario.

  4. @Anish : Kya kare hamari desh ab unlogo ke haath mein hai jo desh ko bachaane ke jagah barbaad karte jaa rahe hai!!!