Sunday, 12 June 2011


"What we think or what we know or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence, The only consequence is what we do." 

This famous quote by John Ruskin was one of my major source of motivation all throughout the phase from the very inception of the idea of blogging in my mind an year ago to the day this idea transformed into a reality. Honestly Speaking, the desire to start blogging stuck me about an year ago but it was only by now that I was able to put my heart into it…….An year ago I thought was the perfect time to start blogging simply because I was out of another phase of my life then…. College days, and there were too many things that I was raring to drop a line on……..about my experience at college. I did not live an extraordinary college life but I did enjoy most parts of those 4 years in my own way. Made a lot of friends, learned a lot, had lots of fun, crushes……….the list goes on. Besides, I can assure you that my experience at college did influence me in a lot of positive ways so much so that I can righteously feel the difference I have attained in the level of my personality and confidence compared to the level of my strengths 4 years back. 

But when asked about something special that I will cherish for my entire life from the pages of my college reminiscence, I always got drifted towards a state of perplexity. As days went by, I realized that all those memories I gathered from my college, which I cuddled to while stepping down from the academy and which I thought will always stay close to my heart as an epitome of bliss and delight slowly got altered to the semblance of insignificance and triviality. This ambivalence I developed towards my college memories can be, to a great extent, attributed to the level of involvement I got into with the latter developments in my life that I hardly had any time to think about my past. And over this period of one year, those memories got laid down over by the days and weeks that followed. And even though till a month ago, recalling those old days didn’t fail to bring a smile on my face every time I mulled over it…. It let me down in giving the kind of motivation I was looking for to start realizing my blog. 

Since a couple of months ago, I have been amidst a lot of happenings…… job, new place and new people. Suddenly, I started learning and comprehending a lot of new things around. I could feel the change I was going through in all my character idiosyncrasies. My approach and my attitude towards people and life found new dimensions and I sensed that this change was the result of the wisdom and experience I was going through each day. That’s when I learned that the prominence of knowledge was beyond my imagination and that there is a plethora of opportunities around us. The zeal to start doing something constructive, meaningful and beneficial stuck me and the result was the birth of this blog.

I know there are millions of blog already surviving the varying tastes of the readers but majority of them are very much ineffectual and inconsequential when it comes to the content and intend. I really believe that blogging is a powerful social tool and has got much more to offer beyond a virtual page to list your everyday activities and events. But if someday I hear that majority of these blogs are being actively used for knowledge diffusion and valuable discussions, I would be the happiest person. I intend to use my blog in the best of possible ways. Going ahead, I wish this blog be transformed into a platform where the best of things be discussed about and the worst of things be condemned. I wish each one of us here have the liberty to express and share ideas and notions and finally I wish this blog be transformed to an arena where virtues be personified and principles be build. And this wish can only be fulfilled with your active support and involvement.

A man’s life is an amalgam of different phases namely childhood, teenage Adulthood and teenage. As we conclude from each of these phases and step into the next, what remains with us will be some traces of memories from our yesterdays and this traces starts to fade away as we get into the peak of the latter phase. This phenomena transpires all along our existence and to the last what we are really left with will be the best of reminiscences we muster over our life time. I hope years later, when I look back to my better days, the thoughts about this blog would only enrich us with satisfaction and content.


  1. @ anuj : Thanks mate..... :)

  2. Frank and Nice presentation!!!! All the best..

  3. nice (though i dint understand the meaning of half the words in it).....

    keep blogging...

  4. nice start....
    a bit serious one ;)
    looking forward for some more philosophies of life :)
    wish u good luck

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